10 Second Life Story

About Me

I'm a developer currently working in Boulder, Colorado. I have a number of passions, ranging from software development as a craft to basketball. My current occupation at Rally Software taught a significant number of fundamentals to become a contributer and leader in software projects. Pair programming, well tested code, and basic agile practices are a core part of what makes me an software engineer. That said, I'm always open to new perspectives, it's the only way to thrive as a developer and as a person.


My resume says otherwise, but here's the top languages that I most frequenly dabble in. The list is in order of most used in a typical day at work and home.

One of those languages is not like this others and I believe, the most challenging one I have ever encountered.

Where else am I on the internet?

You can check out my public exposure on these here social networks. All professional, of course.

Other Interests

I love to bike around town, especially to and from work. I also have an unatural obsession with disc golf, which I attempt everyday to get one game in before the sun sets. You can also convince me to try other sports or invite me for a beer. Both questions will get a favorable answer from me.

I try to make this website as simple as possible with respect to everyone and every device. Let me know if I fail hard at this task.